A Few Tips for Choosing Fashion Scarves

Published: 23rd January 2012
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Sometimes you buy the scarf which grabs your eyeballs only to find out later that it doesnít go well with your figure and outfit. On the other hand there are scarves which you may find dull and boring and purchased them half heartedly actually turns out to be a gem that brightens your outfit. Yes, these situation are quite possible so when you buy fashion scarf next time aside from considering the quality of fabric, color, print, size and shape do take into account whether preferred scarf will suits your body structure and wardrobe or not.

When you are in office a graceful silk scarf can do the magic. It can make your daily look attractive and alluring. Red Scarf with white shirt is an exceptional combination. If you want a symmetrical scarf knot, go for sapphire blue silk scarf with gloss. Add more sophistication by wrapping scarf in prolong V-shape. We have discussed about what to support on duty but what about off duty. You really need to consider the below provided ideas. Make use of bigger size silk or cotton scarf with gradient color as shawl. This will not only protects you from harsh climatic condition but also in social occasion it will make you in spotlight. Soft floral scarf with sequins will be automatically taken into notice and the match of geometrical scarves with geometrical dresses or with other outfits are equally popular since last winter. Have you bought any boring outfit due to any reason then turn it into gorgeous apparel. Use floral scarf or cotton scarf in any contrasting color as belt and be fashionable.

Match your silk scarf with outfit
Everyone has different ideas in matching scarves with apparel; here are a few of mine. First and foremost is considering plain scarves for plain color dresses. For this match the similar tones for instance red skirt in neural colored silk scarf however remember combination must complement each other otherwise you will end up looking like someone from different zone. Other thing is team up colors of various tones or similar tons with different textures. Second: go for printed silk scarf if you want to wear plain color apparel but with a condition and the condition is - one color of scarf must be similar as that of apparel. Third is: there must be major or minor difference in color and pattern between scarf and cloth. Printed silk scarf will work on geometrical outfits with strips and grids. Fourth, the last point: Use plain scarves on printed clothes. You could opt for printed colors or contrasting colors of clothe as reference color for scarf.

Scarves that suits body structure
If you are gifted with slender neck then you donít need to worry about whether a scarf suits you or not because every scarf makes a tune with long neck. Any kind of scarf knot will look awesome on you. However it doesnít a bane for women of shorter neck. All you need to do is Ė take a time in selecting scarf. Match the color, design, shape, size and most importantly match it with your body-type. Matching of scarf with skin tone is one vital thing which have tendency to make or ruin your look. Donít use scarves of big patterns and many colors as it will make an illusion of shorter neck. Also avoid big and thick scarves if you have slim body.

Fashion scarves can change your look and style within a few moments. Visit www.scarf-rack.com to search for high quality of silk scarf and cotton scarf. Our scarves will grant you sophisticated and graceful appearance by making your ordinary outfit lively.

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